Book list 2018 - Reading challenge

Book list 2018 - Reading challenge

I quite simply have to

After going through what I did in 2017, I quickly discovered that I didn't read enough books. Not enough fiction, not enough varied nonfiction and not enough poetry (I read no poetry). In 2018 I set a goal of reading 15 books, I read 3 (take a look at my GoodReads profile, it's bad). So what should I do for 2018? More ambitious goal of course! 52 is the new 15, that is I plan to read 52 books. As far fetched as that may sound, it really amounts to one book every week. Upon seizing Netflix time, weeding out the minutes I waste and doing some reading in weekends, that seems be possible. Only time will tell.

The List

I have put the complete list of books I plan to read (the ones I've found so far anyway) down below. The goal is that I for every month read:

  • At least one book written in another language than English and Norwegian
  • At least one nonfiction book
  1. Steve Jobs
  2. Particle Physics: A Beginners's Guide
  3. Captain Bluebear
  4. Algorithms to live by
  5. Living Dolls: The return of sexism(?)
  6. DIY Satellite Platforms
  7. LED Lightning: A Primer to Lighting the Future
  8. Code
  9. Se Vende #fremmed
  10. La historia de una ... #foreign
  11. Introduksjon til Interaksjonsdesign
  12. Nouvelles Françaises #foreign
  13. SEO. Las claves esenciales
  14. Mecanoscrit del segon origen #foreign
  15. Climatology
  16. The 1000 year dream #foreign
  17. Universal Principles of design
  18. Akademisk skriving
  19. Frykten har et ansikt
  20. Sustainable Energy
  21. Language Teaching
  22. The Mind of a Mnemonist
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