Particle Physics

Author Brian R. Martin
Read September 22, 2020
Categories Physics
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A basic and very popular science-y book that gives an alright general introduction to particle physics.

Particles and forces

Force Particle Experiences Theory
Electromagnetic photon ($\gamma$) Gravity QED
Gravity ? ? ?
Strong gluons Gravity, Strong QCD
Weak (charged) $W^\pm$ Gravity, Weak, EM EWT
Weak (neutral) $Z^0$ bosons Gravity, Weak EWT

Beta-decay - $\beta$

Transition between nucleons bound in atoms.

TODO: Beta-decay

Standard Model

Standard model of physics

Particle numbers

Particle types

The 6 flavours of quarks account for the over 200 known mesons and baryons.

Other particles


  1. Every second, somewhere between $10^13$ and $10^14$ neutrinos from the Sun pass through our bodies with minimal interactions, doing us no harm.

    p. 4

  2. Unlike the electron, the muon and the tauon are unstable and spontaneously decay via the weak innteraction. They play no roles in everyday matter and why they appear in nature is a puzzle.

    p. 6

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