My Impossible List

A list of some of the things I want to work towards in my life. Some are simple things, others fantastical, yet others almost impossible. I've written them down to remind me to keep pushing for what I want for myself and the people around me.

If you want to see what I'm up to right now, check out my now page.

Note: These are just goals and aspirations. Don't mix these up with a sense of worth or value as a human being. [Read more coming soon - 10/6/2021]

Life 🔥

  • Completely stop biting my nails
    • Grow guitar nails on my right hand(?) [June 2020]
  • Publish my own tiny introspective book
  • Have 1m NOK in the bank [May 2020]

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Health/Exercise 🥦

  • Do 100 consecutive pushups
  • One-armed pushup (with proper form)
  • Hanging flag, left & right
  • Planches
    • Full planche
    • Planche push-ups
    • Plance press to handstand
  • Ring levers
    • Front lever for 15s
    • Back lever for 15s
  • Handstands
    • Lift to handstand from sitting l-hold [Aug 2020]
    • Press to handstand (Standing, feet apart) [Sep 2020]
    • Pike press [Apr 2021]
    • Full stalder press
  • One-armed handstand, left & right
  • Handstand in rings
  • 20 consecutive pullups [Sep 2020]
  • Muscle-ups
    • Do a muscle-up (in rings) [June 2020]
    • Do a muscle-up (on a bar)
    • Do a full L-sit muscle-up in rings
  • Splits
    • Front split, left & right
    • Side split
  • Run from Pl. Independència → Castell de Sant Miquel and back in less than 1h (12km total, 320m)
  • Run the Stoltzenkleiven-opp race in Bergen

Adventure ⚡️

  • Row from Varvik Harstad → Lofoten [Doing this July 2021]
  • Climb 5 mountains in Vesterålen (the region I’m from) (2/5)
  • Bike from Norway → Spain
  • Spend a weekend together with all my best friends from around the world
  • Walk El Camino de Santiago

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Travel 🌍

  • Travel to Tanzania
  • Live in Taiwan
  • Live in Jordan
  • Live in the Azores
  • Travel to Malaysia with my friend Tim
  • Travel to Germany (Bohn) with my friend Jan
  • Travel to all the provinces of Spain (4/52)
    • Cádiz, Guipúzcoa, Girona, Barcelona

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Events to attend 📅

  • VM i Skreifeske i Lofoten

Professional 🕳

  • Build a personal brand and maintain it for some time
  • Properly learn the Julia programming language
  • Use meta programming for something useful and productive
  • Build an iOS app and publish it on the App Store
  • Use ML/AI for a project in work
  • Build a finished IoT prototype product

Skills 🧰

Languages 🐋

  • Learn Lithuanian
  • Learn to speak (and not only read) French fluently
  • Learn Arabic
  • Learn Mandarin Chinese
  • Learn Swahili
  • Learn Russian
  • Learn Italian
  • Learn Portuguese

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Note: By "learn"  I mean "to be able to comfortably hold conversations in on a range of central topics of importance"

Guitar 🎼

  • Learn to play Capricho Árabe on the classical guitar
  • Play the guitar in public with my father
  • Create my own arrangement of a song
  • Play, record and use a recording for a project

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Drawing ✏️

  • Memorise the most important anatomical terms
  • Know the entire human skeletal system
  • Know the entire human muscular system
  • Learn to draw figure drawings
  • Learn to draw botanical illustrations in watercolours

Cooking 🍷🍴

  • Learn to cook staples from the North-Norwegian kitchen with my grandmothers
  • Learn to perfectly make the five "mother sauces" of la Cuisine Française:
    • Béchamel
    • Espagnole
    • Velouté
    • Hollandaise
    • Tomate

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  • Learn 50 poems by heart ( 5/50 )
  • Learn to renovate a house/flat
  • Learn to dis- and assemble a car engine
  • Learn a bit of some dance styles:
    • Salsa
    • Swing
    • Tango

This page is inspired by The Impossible List. I first read about it here.