Minimal Viable Home

I listened to this podcast episode today (date of creation of this note), which was esentially a reading of a Colin Wright post and some commentary form the host regarding how we furnish homes.

It got me thinking about the way I have gone about furnishing and purchasing for my own house.

The Minimal Viable Home

In it Colin talks about the concept of an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) from software dev. and transsfers it to the all so familiar domain of housing and our living spaces.

It all comes back to “classsic minimalist notions” of re-thinking and re-conseptualising houses and the spaces wi live in. Do I need a couch? Or do I get it only because houses need to have couches?

The idea then is to fill our housess with things as our need for them actually arises. Not, then, to buy things in advance only because we think we nee d certain things.

The idea behind this being intention should ring a bell with most minimalistonauts (People travelling in minimalist-space online, in books etc.).

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