Yuval Noah Harari on History

Part 2

A Brief History of Humankind - Lesson 1.2 - Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

Systems of increasing complexity and their fields

Harari talks about something I’d like to call a ladder of increasing complexity in history; more and more complex systems have been formed.

The major fields of study that make up human science can thus be said to be the study of a particular rung on this ladder:

Time Event Field
13 Bya Big Bang, elementary forces and particles Physics
300 k years later Atoms and eventually molecules Chemistry
4 Bya Certain molecules formed together and made Life Biology
70 kya Homo sapiens formed culture History


He also talks about the revolutions of human development and thought:

Time Revolution Happening
70 kya Cognitive History starts
12 kya Agricultural Domesticated animals and plants. Cities established
500 ya Scientific revolution Humans started to understand the world correctly
Lion: Panthera leo
Family → Genus    → Species
Cat    → Panthera → Leo

The thought that humans developed in a straight line and that only species existed at a time is false. 100 kya at least 6 species of human existed

Part 3

A Brief History of Humankind - Lesson 1.3 - Dr. Yuval Noah Harari

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