Culture taught us this is important.

It also taught us that we should strive for it. #sad

For me it makes sense to be productive not to be able to always do more, but rather to do the things I have to do faster so that I can get on with my life.

Pomodoro technique

The practise of breaking productive work into chunks typically of 25m with short breaks of 3-5m in between. For every 4 chunks you do a longer break of 15-30m.

Keeping track of and reviewing the Pomodoro sessions gives us a metric for work done and a feedback loop that can affect the quality of the sessions.

Maniac week

Almost as a challenge this is about trying to cram in as many hours of work as you can in a week semingly for good sport. The links below contain some really good advice for how to go about doing something like this and not die.

“Smoothly ratcheting targets”

Instead of fixed streaks that count back forever and fixed interval goals like:

write three times a week

use movable windows, rephrasing as

have written three times during the last 7 days

Matuschak also mentions using precise microtargets that are measurable and of course holding yourself accountable to them.

Case studies

Nat Eliason

Ryan Kulp


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