Woodworking Tools

Wanting to start making chairs and some types of furniture I have bought some books.

Now, books alone might do for a mathematician but for woodworking you need tools as well.

I have chosen to learn to primarily work with traditional hand tools. This due to risk and cost factors as well as affinity for tradition.

General advice

Choices, choices, choices

Some choices of different levels of complexity:

  1. Which tools to buy?
    Which types?
    Which brands?
    Which supplier?
  2. Hand tools, power tools or a blend?
  3. Invest in woodworking as a discipline?
  4. Invest in any discipline?

I’ve chosen to mostly buy tools from the US brand Lie-Nilsen. These guys seem really passionate about their work and are said to produce at really high quality. They are however correspondingly expensive.

As mentioned above I chiefly want to learn to use hand tools.

Adding up all the costs will bring the total into the four digits; sky high levels. Which is why I have thought and continue to think very hard about the decision to bring this field of work into my life. Is this a worthy investment? Should I do it?

Regarding iv. see Saving and investing and Knowledge portfolio.

Tool list

Measure and mark

Plane and shape


Felling and rough work


Get sharp

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