Woodworking Workshop

Setting up a space for work, be it programming, doing repairs, drawing, carving or doing carpentry, is hard and important.

Hard because setting one up properly means having the experience to know what your workflows demand as well as the foresight to see how the space itself can serve those needs in the best way possible.

Important because having a space that really affords your work, makes it easier, makes it feel good to do, really makes a difference when it comes to doing said work.

Some tips gathered around the internet

  1. Place the workbench near a window
  2. Place tools near the workbench
  3. Sensibly place tools around
  4. Wood storage near entrance

Petter Follansbee's shop

P. Follansbee’s blog

Petter Follansbee's wall tool storage

P. Follansbee’s blog

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