Language learning resources

A quick overview of some of the resources I recommend for learning languages.

Vocabulary learning

  • Anki - The best flashcard software there is
  • Memrise - Online flashcard and language learning platform

General Practice

Language exchange platforms

  • The Mixxer - Not as polished at Italki, but very serious.
  • Italki - Popular but also quite comercial and polished.
  • Tandem - App only. For short lived exchanges in my experience.

Conjugators and dictionaries

  • Cooljugator - Verb conjugator with support for many languages

Pronunciation Practice

  • Forvo - Pronunciation dictionary for tons of languages.
  • Tatoeba -  Search for sentences which uses a given word, with audio, translations etc.

Spanish - castellano

Catalan - català

Chinese - 中文


Lithuanian - lietuvių

Arabic - العربية

Modern Standard Arabic  - الفصحى

Levantine Arabic - العامية

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