Ideological Internet Noise

(Highly exaggerated opinion on own observations)

In the internet spheres I spend a lot of time the common idea framework consists of contrived notions founded on:

“Grains of freedom”

That is, the focus is on a certain type of success that one is supposed to measure oneself against. Even though people speak of freedom, liberty, travel, minimalism, a lot of the “heroes” openly admit to working tons of hours and getting rich for it.

The rest are left in the hut milling the grains of freedom with their bare hands. Most never get to extract pure lib flour™ ofc. But remember, it’s the grit that’s important, get yourself a new shiny stone and keep on grinding!

This must give rise to some type of cognitive dissonance I think; I mean, what do you do then?

Work hard. Dream to make it. Lurk on Twitter. Gain insights. Avoid burnout, that’s key.

It’s paramount to relax, but the goal is creating something and getting rich.

Being good is for the rich only

Only when you get rich can you be good and wholesome:

or ofc, you can just retire and be cool.

Getting rich and helping out in the end is perfectly laudable.

But the very idea of charging just enough to keep you going, and spending the rest of your time and energy helping out real people who need it for less money, is almost outrageous.

Going small is outrageous.

You. Have. To. Get. Rich. First.

(Rich as in money. Rich as in educated. Rich as in wise. Rich as in well-travelled. Rich as in me first.)

Neighbours and bread

Accomplishing something means side project. Being a good person means SaaS service. Being wise means the newest philosophical life insight from Twitter.

Why not bake bread and give some of it to a neighbour?

No time to spare, money to be made man. Stuff to push. Rather buy them some artisanal bread when your bank calls you about your recent sell out.

Why bake bread when you can learn lisp? It’s superior after all.

An iceberg of egoism

This ideology of greatness and riches is only the top of the iceberg though. Bellow lurks the same drives as always; egoism and narcissism.

Learn things first. Work hard (for yourself) first. Read all the books first. Devour all the Tweets first.

You first. Ain’t got no time for nothin’ nor no one else.

Save yourself first. Leave the rest for when you get your fill.

Nothing is void of ideology.

The things we consume shape the way we see the world.

Going small is ok. You can still be good.

Note that my critique isn’t of the people working hard to lead a good and reasonable life. But rather of the ones grinding beyond that point in order to gain excess only; mostly nothing in place of more down to Earth contributions.

We need hard workers and some great geniuses ofc. But we can’t let them be the sole owners of the particular kind of perfectionism we strive for in our lives.

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