The Feed I

On social-media, the algorithmic feed, attention, focus and whether I should do an escape.

Some of the reading that inspired this can be found here

My situation, 29/11/2021

I have a reasonable relationship with social media I believe.


I like Twitter but deleted it some years ago. I have wanted to make a new one since it seems such an energetic place for the communities I enjoy content from: techosphere, slatestarcodexy-things (Rationalist, Altruist) and science.

I don’t though since I already have plenty of content, books, thoughts and ingo to get through. Throwing even more on this ever growing pile is not worth it. Maybe for the soscial interaction, but I don’t think it would benefit me enough.


I keep Facebook around for “legacy reasons” - family and events. I want to back it up, off it and just keep Messenger around.

I don’t have Snapchat, TikTok or anything similar. The only one that is bothering me these days is Instagram.