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Quick intro

I live in different places and learn languages that interest me. To even be able to do so I naturally have a job to support my lifestyle, that job is mostly coding and programming but I also do some design sometimes.

I was supposed to finish my master in physics in May 2018, feeling however that it was not the right thing to do for me I quit 10 days before. I consider continuing my thesis at a later time. I still love physics though.

Language learning

My love of languages started some time after I discovered maths during high school, and after that it didn’t take long before I was really into linguistics and language learning.

I have been continually learning languages ever since, and I firmly believe that it is the best way to gain insight into other cultures and people.

An example of how languages contribute to my personal development is how I feel so small and weak when I am the only person in a room that doesn’t understand. Language is in a sense the hooks we hang everything from body language to facial expressions on, and without it these are terrifyingly hard to interpret:

Is she laughing from pain or pleasure?

It would be hard to tell without understanding what people were saying. Constantly trying to learn other languages and failing is a sure way to humble yourself.

Programming and coding

Learning how to code was something I got into during my three years in secondary school here in the North. I started with perl, python and php, but ended up learning php first with a drizzle of python in between. After getting into the field, I quickly began creating different things, small tools and apps that could help me do stuff.

Next up though was iOs programming in Objective C, I ordered the fattest manual I found and started reading. It was all very technical but I persevered and learned a lot. The fundamentals I learned back then are still with me.

See what I do

For telling stories and showing what I do I mostly use these two platforms. I really like the format of Instagram stories and aspire to produce more video content for Youtube.

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This photo was taken on Sommarøy, outside of Tromsø in the North of Norway by the fantastic Cat

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