I live in different places and learn languages that interest me.
To be able to do so I have a job that supports my lifestyle. This job mostly consists of making software for people but I also do some consulting and design.

I was supposed to finish my MSc in Physics in May 2018 at the University of Tromsø. Feeling however that it was not the right thing to do for me at the time I quit 10 days before handing in my thesis. I'm considering taking up the degree at a later time, I don't really need it though. I still love physics.

Read about what I do right now on the now page and check out my crazy goals on my impossible list.

This is me ⤴︎

Meet over online tea?

If you want to have an online afternoon tea with me, just contact me and we'll find a time. 🫖🫖🫖

Me elsewhere

Instagram: arthurissim
Youtube: arthurnoerve

Blog about languages: Språksprek (in Norwegian)

My name

So depending on where I am, to whom I speak and in what language, my name takes on different forms:

Language Name
Norwegian Arthur
Spanish Arturo
Catalan Artur(u)
Lithuanian Artūras
Chinese 阿瑟 (ā sè)
Arabic ارتور (Artuuri)

This is so because:

  • The pronounciation of my name in Norweigan contains a sound that is hard for most people to pronounce: the retroflex t. It is fairly common in Indian languages but in Indoeuropean ones it's not.
  • My name does not exist as is in Chinese and has to be changed totally
  • In Lithuanian every name has an ending that changes according to grammar rules (grammatical case)